Corporate citizenship

At Lawtons Africa we firmly believe that redressing social disparity, championing social cohesion and making a difference in the lives of the less privileged and disenfranchised is essential to being a good corporate citizen. 

We play a vital role in protecting and enforcing the rights contained in the Constitution for our clients and those in need.


The principle of citizenship advocates that we live our lives with care and regard for the status of all citizens.


We do this by providing pro bono legal assistance and access to justice by working with individual clients, not-for-profit organisations and public interest groups.


Our aim is to balance the scales of justice in favour of the underprivileged, so that access to justice is not an unsurmountable challenge. Clients receive free legal services and representation with the highest level of expertise, combined with social sensitivity and responsibility.


The concept of citizenship includes our sustainable education support programmes for various communities. These ongoing initiatives ensure that the various communities are given dependable advice and education of the law on a continuous basis.


Citizenship is demonstrated at Lawtons Africa through corporate social giving where a number of organisations representing different interest groups from diverse communities partner with us and benefit from our assistance.