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Lawtons Africa Statement Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Daniel McGowan/Templar Capital/Forensics for Justice/Tabacks - explanations

We refer to our statement on our website dated 2 June 2023, identifying Mr Gareth Cremen of Cox Yeats, a former director of Lawtons Africa, as the primary source of a settlement letter addressed to former directors of Lawtons Africa and a separate specific draft annexure, which he had provided to Mr Brett Tate of Tabacks.

What we know so far …

Mr Cremen provided the letter to Mr Tate of Tabacks, to secure his advice.

Tabacks are the attorneys of record for Daniel McGowan and Templar Capital.

Mr Tate has assured us and requested that we communicate publicly that he did not distribute the settlement letter to anyone at Tabacks or externally of Tabacks.

The TWB letter with this specific version of the draft annexure was included in a tampered with document that was delivered by Forensics for Justice to a client of Lawtons Africa. The document included a mysterious footer “X:\0000 CURRENT CLIENT PROJECTS\DANNY MCGOWAN – TEMPLAR CAPITAL\LAWTONS\LETTER TO FORMER EQUITY DIRECTORS OF LAWTONS INC (11.05.23)”.

The Lawtons client in question is involved in litigation, arbitration and settlement discussions with Danny McGowan and Templar Capital.

Paul O’Sullivan who forwarded the TWB letter that was tampered with to our client on behalf of Forensics for Justice states that he will NEVER reveal his source.

Lawtons Africa will continue with its proud 131 year history of providing professional and ethical legal services to its clients.

Statement issued by Lawtons Africa 13 June 2023


Lawtons Africa is a South African law firm. With roots that grew out of seeds sown in down-town Johannesburg in 1892, our history features various changes and different names. Our team of lawyers, including directors, consultants, associates and candidate attorneys is highly qualified, market-recognised and skilled. For further information, visit

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